No2 attends music class

Nikki’s first trial music class

No need to guess, but Nikki’s following Noelle’s route – she will be attending kindy only in 2021. I don’t doubt her social skills and her ability to take instructions. She has shown me a lot of her capabilities at less than 4 years old. But I do fear that she might have a huge separation anxiety when she goes to kindy (because she will be away from home like 4-5 hours then). So to transition her, just like how we transition Noelle, we are putting Nikki in trial music class. (Actually we procrastinated in starting her because of the Saturday morning class – which we might lose our a full day family outing in the future). She was actually very excited that she is going ‘school’ (so ready this morning too). She was in fact pestering us ‘how long more?’ (Before we go)

In the first class where I am able to sit it, she has proven to me her ability to catch up with her peers. I thought she would be sticking to me at point of entering class – but she was fast to warm up (already running around). She had fun today and told me that she would want to come again. Then I told her from next week onwards, she would have to come up and be in the class without mummy. She thought for a moment and said ‘but mum, I cannot reach the door to open it!’ 🤣 initially I thought her ‘but’ was she doesn’t want to go!

Ok….guess we will probably stick to this for a year (once a week).

>> 8 days to 4yo!

Video <here>

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