Our third time in Kidzania KL – 2019! 🤭

Not that the tickets are cheap and not that we are ‘rich’ – but thanks to Spritzer for sponsoring 4 of our tickets this time round. We only paid for Norrah’s toddler ticket price online (about RM33). I told hubby that he doesn’t have to follow (and go work) but he didn’t ‘trust’ me that I can handle them three alone in Kidzania! 🙄🙄 But if he doesn’t come along, I probably starve myself at Kidzania! 😂

** we paid full priced for our first visit and only paid for Noelle’s ticket for our second visit (because was gifted by a BNPer)

A summary of what the girls did yesterday:

1. Magicians

2. Mission wrap-pers

3. Canon photographers

4. Dance like a star (dancers)

5. Junior researcher for Sharp Plasmacluster

6. Fashion show models

7. Soap makers (actually 6+ only can join, then I told the crew Nikki just wanted to watch beside Noelle, but at the end she allowed Nikki to make the soap too and get kidzos)

8. Touch n Go ewallet innovator hub (only Noelle could do this)

9. Paramedics

10. Spritzer Factory Deliverymen

11. Toddler’s room

12. Air Asia flight stimulators

13. Chocolate makers at Malaysia Palm Oil (last slot, Noelle and Nikki got to share a space and paid for one spot – but the crew was nice enough to involve Nikki and gave her a chocolate for free)

They only repeated Air Asia flight stimulators because Noelle wanted to be a pilot again! We waited the longest for paramedics play! This time it came with an ambulance ride. Touch n Go innovation hub was an eye opener for Noelle – keying in data and scanning codes! Two stage plays for the girls – good practice for them (on overcoming stage fright, if any). Norrah didn’t play any play this time – she is still rather timid. She enjoyed herself in the toddler’s room though, which the two Jeh jehs also joined while waiting for their turn for flight stimulator.

They were rather indecisive on which play they liked most but this morning Noelle says that she enjoyed making Mission wrap the most (she kept reminding me to buy wrap for her to make) while Nikki likes to be a chocolate maker. They actually brought home two pieces of chocolate, which I told them to chill it at home first – and yes, they will get to eat it later (in few days time)!

Hubby and I were ‘smarter’ this time round. We took turn to go down have our lunch (at McDonald’s)- which is definitely cheaper and more in quantity! 🤣 The kids ate their wraps and biscuits (Norrah was sleeping when I babyweared her out – that girl had fries too while I eat😒)

Actually they have completed 80-90% of the plays in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur in 2019 (some even closed down already – for example, saloon and jewellery maker), there are some with height restriction for Noelle. I think this will definitely take a long while before we visit Kidzania again unless I win tickets again 🤭🤣 (hubby told me that I do not need to be so hardworking in joining Kidzania’s contest)!


More photos: <here>

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