Kidzania tickets from Spritzer

My kids (especially Noelle) are my biggest supporter when it comes to fb contests! They allow me 5-minute breaks for filling up contest comments (most of the times, it is more than 5 minutes 🤭🤣) and they comply with my ‘orders’ if I need to do any videos (they are willing participants and with consent from them🙄 so I am not ‘making use’ of them)! They are the happiest whenever I win something regardless of the prizes won!

This time round – I won something which is so precious to them! 4 Kidzania entrance tickets! 😆 It is like ‘dream come true’ for them! Well, this is a reward for their support and also part of the Christmas + birthday pressies from me!

Thanks Spritzer for selecting me as one of the winners! Today we went to its ‘factory’ for collection of the tickets! And Kidzania…we are coming soon again! 😆

#29thwin 😁

Photo <here>

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