Dream Vending Town @ Quill City Mall

I got to know of this pretend play city through a friend’s posting (like a month ago). Then I went to check on their facebook page and found that all slots taken. After a week or two, an old ‘peng you’ tagged me on a contest and so I joined. On the night I joined the contest (two weeks ago), I checked on the facebook page again and found that they were opening more slots for weeks ahead. So I managed to book two tickets for Noelle and Nikki (I gave the ticket I won to a friend – easy win 🙄). The entrance tickets are free of charge.

This is a mini version of Kidzania. It is kind of educational, not just play. They get to know about what they should do during plane emergency, how to detect robbers, how to prescribe medicine, how to select grocery items plus calculating the amount, road safety information and how to rescue victim from fire. Each session takes about 20-30 minutes. Both Noelle and Nikki found each of the session fun. Noelle did a good job in looking after Nikki throughout the session. I also observed that Noelle tend to concentrate during briefing and participate when questions are asked. Nikki was still kind of blur but she is learning fast on taking instructions. I helped her with writing and calculations (very funny thing during the calculation of groceries, I counted/wrote wrongly the amount – when the crew asked Nikki to confirm her amount, I admitted that it was my error 🙄😂)

** I got advice from a friend whose daughter participated. We arrived early as they start on time! We were the earliest there. Initially I thought I took the wrong step of registering for the earliest spot. But I find that it is the best time to join – because not many people yet when it started. And it ended just in time for lunch and then back home for nap (you know la, I am very particular about naptime!🤣)

Photos <here>

Video <here>

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