Second win fo Jamaica Blue Malaysia’s vouchers

Ooopppsss! We did it again!

About two weeks ago, I brought the kids out to Jamaica Blue Mid Valley. And we had brunch, utilising the vouchers that I won previously. It was our first time having our meal at Jamaica Blue Cafe and my daughters gave them a thumbs up! Then, came another contest last week and I just tried my luck with the photo that we took during our time at the cafe (with a comment that I would like to bring my hubby to try their dish). 🤣 Ok, I was rather surprised that they chose me as a winner again this round. And the vouchers arrived today! We will definitely bring our papa to Jamaica Blue this round so that we can try other/more dishes at the cafe! 🤭🤣

Thanks again Jamaica Blue Malaysia for selecting me as the winner, second time consecutively! 😆



Photos: <here>

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