Taste, Love, Memories

Presenting: Pressure cooked Angel Brand Hoisin sauce and honey pork belly (my consolation win in Kuali’s fb contest)

Simple four ingredients used: Angel Brand Hoisin sauce, cooking/baking honey, homegrown spring onions (that’s why it is skinny) and ginger

Pressure cooked using bake mode for 15 minutes!

I was first introduced to Angel Brand formerly (when I started cooking with seasoning) by a cooking facebook group. They have gave me samplings of Angel Brand products and after that, I have stick to the brand. I found that Angel Brand products use the least or none msg; and thus feel it is safer to introduce seasonings to my kids!

Though Angel Brand came to my kitchen ‘late’, I have fond memories of this brand from its logo! When I was a child, I could easily spot Angel Brand logo bottles in my nanny’s kitchen – after these years, I realised that she has been using Angel Brand too and she loves steaming fish served with Angel Brand taucu (or the formal name is bean sauce)! It puts a smile to me that yummy home cooked was prepared for me when I was a kid even when I was away from home! And I hope my kids will have fond memories of my cooking when they see Angel Brand when they grow up! #legacy

Thanks Kuali and Angel Brand for organising this giveaway contest!

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