Our first visit to Lost World of Tambun

Thanks Lost World of Tambun for the wonderful memories with the kids! We spent 4+ hours there right after our long drive from PJ.

Though the park seems ‘small’, seriously not enough time to explore the whole of it. The kids were more interested in the kids pool with slides and also the wave pool (plus manmade beach). We did dip a while into the hot spring 🥵. We rented the twin float for the river. Noelle and I did try one of the adult giant slide (sorry, cuckoo mind…can’t remember the name of the slide). There were 4 slides but each time only one tube can go in🙄 – not rationale – but it made the wait long. Norrah fell asleep while waiting for us. I was wearing my shirt the whole time in the park until I have to go on the slide – I think I was the only one with bikini 👙 🤭

We did not have time (exhausted) to go to the safari park but we managed to see giraffe, ostrich and zebra during our ‘cruise’ on the ‘longest’ river (that require you to make a u-turn🙄 because it is not connected).

We only went for two merry-go-round rides (one for the smaller kids and another for the big kids). They managed to see Barbie and not interested to explore ‘hot wheels’ section (actually no one in the park was interested 🤭😆) -both the Barbie and Hot Wheels section were like ‘pak lalat’.

Photos: <here>

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