The more you give, the more you get

20th win – Royal B-Honey

Thanks Royal-B Honey for the second bottle of Royal-B A. Mangium Raw Honey 🍯 this year! 😁😁 And we actually just finished our first bottle recently (girls are heavy taker of honey lemon juice!😁) and we love it very much!

I would leave this bottle sealed as I am gifting it away to our ‘guest of honour’ in December.

Joining and winning contest not only helped us save some money on groceries and food. It also bring us to places that we have not explored yet. Now, the contest prizes can also serve as gifts to my friends (just hope that they don’t mind or think I am cheapo😝 – but hey ya, I ‘earn’ with my own ‘effort of joining’).


21st: RM50 Popular Gift Voucher

Thanks Popular Book Co (M) Sdn Bhd for the RM50 gift voucher and picking me as one of the winners for sharing an inspirational quote (The Rewards Trail). I chose a parenting quote which I sincerely shared with my mummy friends I tagged on (hope they don’t find me annoying for tagging 🤭😛). It is a gift voucher without minimum purchase amount! 🙂

We finally picked the voucher from their Midvalley store (only can pick from this outlet). We wanted to get an electronic sharpener plus I allowed Noelle to choose a book that she wanted. However, I forgotten to bring my Popular membership card. To maximise the gift voucher (because I can get 10% discount for stationaries), I decided that we will use it another day – since we will visit Popular bookstore again tomorrow.

Although Noelle picked her book already, she understood and put back the book – she agreed that we will get it tomorrow! 🙂

22nd: K-fish Korean snacks

Thanks KFISH Malaysia for selecting me as one of the winners, and of course, the Korean snacks giveaway!

23rd: Hafele cooking agent worth RM919 😱🤭

I have won quite many lucky draws, mostly for the family, since I joined contests mid of this year! But this time – it is something for MYSELF, which will be used in my ‘workplace’ I.e kitchen.😁😁 This is also one of my most valuable wins (worth RM919).

Thanks Häfele Malaysia for choosing me as one of the winners. With the Hafele Cooking Agent (which is a kitchen organiser), it basically maximises my kitchen space and keep things more organised!

I had part of my kitchen cabinet transformed!

I was given a date and time slot, which I couldn’t change. The prize will be forfeited if no one is at home. Fortunately, I am a homemaker and it is school holiday. 🙏🏻

So, it was a free installation too. They did came ‘on time’ but they brought or missed out something – so the colleague has to send it over. At the end, it took about an hour (in the pm, it says it will take about 30-40 minutes).

Anyway, I won’t complain because it is free. But I find it weird that a ‘ma lat lou’ (i.e man)was ‘playing around my kitchen because he was looking for things to organise into the organiser – as he needs to take photo of it. 🙄😆

Thanks for coming by for the free installation.


24th: RM30 voucher from Jamaica Blue Malaysia

Thanks Jamaica Blue Malaysia for selecting me as one of the winners for the yummy summer menu contest. And of course, thanks to the girls for giving me the best gif video for the win! 😁😁😁

We used it on the day we collected Popular gift voucher at Midvalley.

Since there’s a Jamaican Blue cafe at Midvalley, I decided to utilise the RM30 voucher that arrived yesterday. We had our ‘brunch’ there – just ordered their big breakfast, a croissant and coffee for myself 🤣(they drink water cukup la!) This was sort of a treat for them from me – only paid for the coffee!

When the food arrived, the Asian girl Noelle asked ‘no rice one ah?’ 🤣 I told her this is American/western meal, not Asian. Then I got questioned what’s Asian, what’s American/western…bla bla bla 🙄🙄🤣🤣

Thank you to my ONG ONG friends who allow me tag – for the wins! 我爱你们

25th win – Textile Stamp by A E Stamp

We can finally strike off the list of printing name stickers for Noelle’s exercise books (name stickers still required for school text books and other personal things), starting from P2 onwards.

Thanks to A E Stamp for selecting me as one of the textile stamp giveaway winners. The textile stamp (worth RM45) also comes with 50 pieces free stickers (same content with textile stamp), extra ink pad and white thermal adhesive ribbon (to stick on clothing). We were required to customise ourselves on their webpage before making the order – all done easily on the desktop in less than 10 minutes (of course by my hubby, not me 😂). We put in our order on Monday night and the stamp arrived yesterday via courier (free shipping to me too).


26th win – one pair of parent-child tickets to Dream Vending Town at Quill City Mall (I have passed my tickets to my friend as we have gotten our tickets)

Photos: <here>

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