Learning how to cook

Cook own lunch: Salmon pasta using pressure cooker

I think this is a good practice for Noelle to learn the steps of cooking, practice her ‘public’ speaking, improve her memory span and understand what I go through everyday when I cook for them. Today she actually ‘burn’ herself twice (actually nothing really happened, just touch until something hot – but not very hot) – so she has to learn to be careful. She was smart enough to faster go wash her hands under running pipe water. Anyway, I did not forcefully ask Noelle to do but she actually agree with my suggestion on cooking.

Nikki who initially wanted to help; was put off by the cooking salmon smell 🤣😆 and ‘ran away’ – so she ended up sit down, ate her grapes and watched.

Video <how to cook salmon pasta>

Photos: <here>

Video <how to cook fried rice>

Video <how to shape gingerbread man>

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