Starting them young – zero waste

When my eldest was still a toddler, she enjoyed collecting toy eggs. As she grows, we have few dozens of toy eggs left in her play area. Seriously, I wanted to throw it away. 🤭

But the 7 year old told me that we can ‘recycle’ it as a ‘gift box’, which she did in several occasions. For example, gifting her teachers and friends her handmade loom band bracelets as school year ends!

A gift without extra ‘waste’ created – as she just drew on the eggs and fit the bracelet into it.




Noelle came home from school feeling so bored yesterday because they did nothing – except playing games in class! 🙄 Then she told me C asked her to make loom band for C and A. 🙄🙄 I told her that she can make for them if she wanted to and not because of C’s instruction. So, she told me that she really wanted to make. I also ‘poked’ her – why she isn’t making for W! 🤭😂 She says ‘because I only make for my best friends!’ 😮😮😆😆 W is not her best friend meh? 😂😂

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