P2 text books

Today Noelle receives her P2 text books.

From 1G, she is moving to 2G – maintained most of her classmates in the same class. Some few others were moved to another class (according to her, those ‘naughty’ ones 🙄🤣 – dun let me see her moved to another class in P3🤭😂). Her bffs will be in the same class! 🙄🙄

Since it is rainy evening, we spent the time recording, fixing, wrapping and labelling her ‘new’ books. Not being bias, but based on the books she brought home – generally, girls looked after the books better than boys! 🤭 (based on the past names at the back of the books)

Noelle told me today they went to their P2 class to collect the books and the teacher asked them to take the books themselves – I actually asked her why she chose the torn ones! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🤣 But only two were ‘bad’ and I helped fix them already.

When she came out from school today, she was basically dragging her bag! 🤣

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