Growing upper molar

#throwback yesterday

After we came home from bus ride, Noelle told me her tooth is aching! 🙄 At first she says she bumped on something – so, it was ‘outside’ of her cheek. I told her just go nap and it would be fine. However, after an hour nap, she was rolling on her bed and ‘crying’ pain. She woke up and I checked – I think it was a new molar growing. I don’t think it was a big issue because she recently had a tooth check in school; if there was a problem, the nurse would have identified.

I suggested that she suck on an ice (WRONG move actually). The pain was on and off (I think). At one point, she felt better and ate some toast bread. Then I gave her very cold honey grapefruit drink (WRONG move). After that drink, she was basically in pain and it was before our dinner.

She was still in pain during dinner. It was then I started googling and found NO cold or hot water; but just cold compress on the part where it is painful. Also, rinse with salt warm water. But seeing her in pain and also thinking how hubby recently suffered from his toothache, I told her let’s go to the nearest dentist (the dental clinic -iCare at Paradigm mall came into my mind because clinics in shopping mall are usually open even on public holiday) just to check.

Initially, she was reluctant – then I told her what if the pain go throughout the night. I told her fever, flu and cough – I can still help relieve her; but I can’t do anything with toothache. Finally, she agreed (and also hubby checked if the dentist was in – through a call) but she wanted me to go with her instead of papa. So, off we went (after grabbing her mykid from drawer) and I left the other two girls with papa. It was already 7sth, so we don’t have much time left.

Pretty quick check – true enough, her upper molar is growing and that gave some pressure to her gums. This would be a temporary pain for few days or so. Nothing could be done and the dentist suggest rinsing with warm salt water. The dentist wanted to make her feel better and said ‘you did a good job!’. The check was free.

After we left, Noelle was relief and started to speak – now she was explaining to me what is happening (what the dentist just said). In fact, she told me she touched something in there (her growing molar) which she thought was a food stuck! 🙄🙄 The pain was on and off – she didn’t like the salt water rinse. Before she went to bed, I gave her some ibuprofen for her to relief pain and so that she can sleep. And last night, she decided to sleep with me (baby mode). Hopefully the pain goes off after she wakes up.

Summary and reminder to myself:

For toothache, never go on very cold or very hot food/water. Cold compress from outside.

And, run to the nearest dentist that is located in shopping mall, in emergency (during public holiday and when you can’t find your normal dentist)

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