Our Zoo Negara Visit 2019

Our Zoo Negara visit

As usual during festive season’s long holiday, we decide to stay in Klang Valley – to avoid jam. So, one of the plans is to visit Zoo Negara, which is also to utilise the FREE visit given by One Utama! 😁 This mean that I had a free entry for myself! Hubby bought an adult and two kids’ tickets online, which is cheaper (total he paid RM69). Kids below 3 doesn’t need ticket.

Also, I read reviews about how the food sucks in the zoo and why it was better to bring own food (which is allowed). So I packed sandwiches and fruits along!

While the zoo does look pretty run down, we have no comments from our kids and they truly enjoyed the visit (I learn that kids don’t complain if we don’t complain. If we learn to appreciate things, they will do too.). We managed to catch the multi animal show (though we missed the first few minutes and was basically standing to watch). Our kids love the pandas and wallabies most. We decide to give a miss to those sections which we often/recently been to – like butterfly and aviary sections.

It rained for a moment when we had our mini lunch. So we bought popcorn while waiting for the rain to stop. Norrah started turning very cranky when she was tired and didn’t want to sleep – but eventually slept. A lot of walking to do (we didn’t pay extra for tram ride) – fortunately we brought stroller. Noelle only sat on the stroller for a while; Nikki had it most of the time (and Norrah was screaming because she couldn’t have the stroller🙄).

It was a wonderful experience with the girls, though I admit it was pretty tiring – having to walk and babywear Norrah who is getting heavier! I think the next time we visit Zoo, I won’t get a chance to babywear her anymore! 😂 I told hubby I am not going to exercise anymore today when I return home – and he told me ‘you want exercise, you exercise la…I won’t join you! 😒’ 🤣

>>Second time for Noelle (the first time with Noelle was in Oct 2014, less than 2 years old during hubby’s ex-company family day)

>>Firsts for Nikki and Norrah

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VxBJDtdpHSfLQXfs8

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