Sending a physical mail

How many of us still do this? 😆

We (Noelle and I) did this before, probably two years back! And we are repeating it now – as she can write by herself (I think the last we did was before she went to kindy); and she is able comprehend the mailing system as I explained to her now!

– the address of the recipient

– the address of the sender (I want her to remember our home address too)

– stamp

– sending it to the post box (I asked if she wanted to go to the post office or the post box near our place, she chose the latter)

– there were two slots; I asked her to put the correct one by identifying ‘Selangor’ and then we spoke about ‘dan lain lain’. She thought it would be for ‘overseas’ , which is not wrong but it also include other states – like Desaru, Johor (bringing her holiday to different states actually helped in this explanation)

Anyone’s kid interested to be Noelle’s penpal? 😁😁

>>> she is sending a note to her play date! 😆 We don’t have to find any occasion to send mails. 😁😁


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