First academic award in primary school

Noelle’s first academic award 🥇

And she’s the champion for her class during Science week! 😁😁😁

Last week, Noelle told me that Cikgu Jega (Science teacher) has selected few of her friends including her for the awards. Initially she told me that the prize will be given on (this) Monday, but it did not happen (Monday morning she was so excited when she went school and didn’t have blues). ‘Probably next week,’ she said on (recent) Monday when I picked her up from school. Then I told her next Monday is public holiday wor🤭🙄!🤣

I actually didn’t totally ‘believe’ that she will be receiving an award – but didn’t want her to be disappointed and so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Just now, she came out from school, happily showing me her trophy 🏆 (she hid it at the back at her – and ‘tadaaaaa’) and she exclaimed that ‘I am the champion!’ 🥰🥰🥰

I feel ‘teary’ 🤭(gam thong lor😆) – though just a small award for P1; but it seems like effort of having to bring three of them on a daily basis – really worth it! Also, though she just went to kindy for one year, it didn’t mean that she has to do a lot of catching up game – but in fact, doing well in school.

I am actually not sure what they do for Science week or how was this accorded. But I told her that her teacher probably has seen – she has focus in class, doing her homework, ability to take down messages on weekly basis and passing it to me and responsive to teacher. I even told her this award is better than mama’s lucky draw wins because this award shows her effort in school and mama’s win is more of ‘luck’ (though I got put effort, ok? 🤭😂)

Well done to my first baby! I am so proud of you – though just for P1 😆

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