Thank you Julie’s for the mystery gift

Win of the week! 😁😁

Thanks Julie’s Biscuits for organising this mystery gift giveaway! I participated this about a week ago; result announced on Monday and received the box this morning! We are already a fan of Julie’s Biscuits for years – even before we became parents! 😆 And of late, we have been keeping our kids ‘quiet’ by letting them munch on biscuits – Julie’s is one of their favourites! 😁😁😁 Certainly an easy teatime snack for the school kid who has to stay later than usual in school (packed cooked food may not be too viable sometimes).

While peanut butter biscuits often come first into our mind with the mention of Julie’s, the picture of the blonde hair girl (their logo) appears to me more often – and thus my entry comment (though it is a lucky draw per say).

Mystery box? We expected biscuits or maybe their in house items like their Julie’s bag (which is on their cover page); but we really didn’t expect a RM30 Aeon Gift voucher! Certainly surprised with that! 😁😁😁

Yeah, I may say that I am lucky this time because I was one of the 5 selected out of 1.4k entries! 😁😁

Anyway, count our blessings! I may hear again “you’re so lucky” but I don’t rant on days I don’t feel lucky. Just be grateful with what we get/have. Do good things, and good things will come! Share your happiness and not curse other people’s happiness. Don’t let people’s happiness be your unhappiness, k? (which mean you could be ‘jealous’) Your turn will come!

>>> Again, special thanks to friends who allowed me to tag them on contests! 😘😘😘



Today we are beyond ‘lucky’. We are blessed! 😁😁

Last year, we were handed some ‘Ni hao Kai Lan’ books, which the girls enjoyed the stories. We only managed to find two other series at Popular book exhibition. Then, yesterday, I saw one lady posted these (three of them) ‘Ni hao Kai Lan’ books in Beli Nothing Project (BNP) fb page – bet not many people know this series (as some mistaken it as ‘kai lan’ the veggie 😂). So, I requested for those books and set an appointment to pick them up this morning. At her home, the lady even offered other kids’ story books – and asked me to choose whichever I wanted (I took it all 🤭😆). I couldn’t thank her more. The books are all close to new – in fact unopened but stored. One of the books – its musical thingy is still functioning too!

And before I left, she said ‘last time I got read your blog!’ 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Aiyo, at that point, I felt like hiding my head already! 🤣

Anyway, Nikki can’t wait to open one of the Kai Lan series. She said she doesn’t want the front page to be torn – so she used our own colour pencils and didn’t remove the crayons attached at the front page.

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