Being a discipline kid

Nikki has been feverish since yesterday. And so she has been very cranky and indecisive on who she ‘wants’ aka papa and mama. 🙄 Anyway, hubby managed to put her nap and I put Norrah nap.

Next, I asked Noelle if she wants me to follow me to the saloon (those kind of quick cut – since I just want to trim my long hair; those were the days I will spend time and money on my hair – I got better things to do and buy🤭😆 in fact, my two girls’ haircut cost more than mine – RM25 per person compared to mine RM20) and we will drop by Mr DIY and supermarket;or stay at home to play with herself! She decided to follow. Before we set off, I also ‘paid’ her this week’s school allowance of RM10 – she didn’t ask for it on a daily basis. I asked if she wants to bring it in case she wants to get anything. 🙄🙄 (indirect permission for her to spend) She brought it along with her wallet.

So, we had our mini we time today for about an hour plus. Right after my hair done (which took only 15 minutes or less), we went to Mr DIY. I did asked if she wants/needs anything – even in the sense that I will get it for her (instead of her paying for herself). But she didn’t want anything. In fact, she thought of getting Nikki a mini locker (which Nikki has been wanting – because Nikki always take hers 🤭😆). I asked her ‘are you sure you don’t want anything?’ (because I was buying the locker for Nikki already) but she reaffirmed that she doesn’t want anything (I even lure her to look at the keychains while I queue at the cashier, she refuse to go🙄🤣). Ahhhh….I feel that she is such a discipline spender (at this point of time). Even at the supermarket, I did asked if she wanted anything or even yogurt, she asked me to get for Nikki instead. So, she actually just went out with me without getting anything in return.

I thought she might have regretted or felt bored just going out with me like that – no playground also! But when we arrived at our home parking, I asked if she enjoyed the mini outing and she told me ‘yes’! 😘😘😘 (it was a handsfree outing; I didn’t take any photo other than this one 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 at the saloon where she inserted the money for me😁😁 – it was a pure mother-daughter moment!) She also proudly tells me that she managed to save her money again since she never gotten anything from the outing.

Upon arriving at our condo unit door, the two little sisters already screaming for ‘jeh jeh’! 😂😂 And Noelle immediately told Nikki ‘see what we got for you!!! Something you wanted a lot!’ 😁😁😁 such precious moment!

>>>On being ‘discipline’ – when I picked her up on Friday, she came out holding two mentos- saying that her Maths teacher who is leaving the school gave her. I am very happy and proud that she still shows me whatever (candies) given by her teachers or friends; and doesn’t consume it behind my back (curi makan). Immediately after showing me, I asked if she wants to give to the uncle guard of her school, and she did! 😁😁 There was once also she told me that she helped the headmistress carries some boxes of chocolates from car to the school office. At the end, the headmistress gave them a chocolate each. She told me she gave it to C because she wanted it a lot.

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