Our Deepavali gift

Deepavali is approaching and I was keen to get Noelle an Indian traditional costume. I was surveying online but I wasn’t sure if the prices are reasonable. So, I posted a ‘query’ on a mummy fb page about the average price of a kid’s Pattu Pavadai and where do they normally get it. I got several replies and there was ONE special reply.

The special reply was – in the spirit of Deepavali and also to clear up her daughter’s closet – in her own words – ‘instead of you forking out money to buy new one, take my daughter’s ones which are fairly new!’ 🥰🥰 (she is also a stay at home mum for 10yo and 15yo kids; I have not spoken to her prior to this)

To cut the story short, I accepted the ‘offer’ and picked up a bag of Pavadai (she says Pattu means silk, hers are cotton) from her place.

We are pretty grateful for the lovely hand-me-downs! Noelle is particularly happy because she finally has Indian costumes (because Nikki already has hers from Calista).

>> oh ya, thank you to kns also for helping me with the 20,22….28,30 size numbers 😂 when I was surveying. You are pretty right that Noelle fits between 26-28! 😆

👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Noelle can pose pretty well 😆😆 especially the first pic 😂😂😂


Spreading some positive vibes here!

Admittedly, I am an amateur in HMHD page. I just joined earlier this year- and through MPSP. It is also through HMHD that I got ‘addicted’ to contests and lucky draws 🤭😆

While I do occasionally participate in the groups, I am not really that active; more of reading and liking posts rather than commenting.

There is also a mum in this group that know me 🤭 She once approached me in my girl’s school and verified if I were THE Celine Tan in KJB’s group. 🤭😆 (very different from previous years when mummies linked me to cooking groups that I was active in😂)

**ok, you may be reading this; but I still don’t know your name (sorry for appearing ‘snobbish’ in real because I don’t know what/how to communicate 🙄🤣 – ‘introverted’ and ‘shy’)

I also figured out that some of my fb friends are in here. 🙄🙄thinking why they never invited me earlier 😒😝

Generally, I do think this group consists of more matured mummies. Sometimes I do feel intimidated. 🤭 So whenever I wanted to post something, I would probably think twice.

On Sunday, I posted something on Pavadai as I was thinking of getting one piece for my eldest girl – in case of school event. Seriously, unexpectedly, I was offered some hand downs!

Special shoutout to Kumari S K Nair! Thank you for entrusting me with your daughter’s beautiful traditional clothings – that my girls will make full use of it. Sorry for the trouble of ransacking your girl’s cupboard to look for and hand me these clothing.

I have never spoken to her before this but today we met and she gave me the clothings. We had a short chat of 5-10 minutes since my two younger ones were in the car waiting. Actually I was feeling anxious before the meet up – as I fear I have nothing to talk! 🤭 Fortunately, Kumari is friendly to strike a conversation and made me feel that we know for a long time already. I couldn’t thank you more!

I have been aspired to be a giver. Not materially (because nothing much materials I have 😂), a giver of love, a giver of good vibes and a giver of strength.

Thank you, again.

Photos: <here>

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