Moving to own room

Wind of change this week ➡️➡️ Noelle becomes SO independent yesterday and today

She came home from school telling me that she wanted to nap herself in the other room – and she did. Then, she asked me to put on the night lamp for her (being the Christmas tree lights) – and for the first time yesterday night, she slept through the night by herself in a separate room (the room is connected to our master bedroom with a sliding door, which we kept it open for some air cond from the master room go get into the second room).

** She actually wanted to sleep by herself since a week ago – but it was too dark without the night lamp, so she was afraid. She has asked me to get her a night lamp (I think papa has ‘separation anxiety’ as he asked me why did I encourage her to sleep by herself 🙄 – aiyo then wan sleep with you FOREVER meh!)

*** I did try to ‘understand’ what’s going on – of course I suspected that her friend(S) might have been telling her that they sleep by themselves, which is true. Because she told me C has her own room! 🙄🙄

What amazed me is that this morning she woke up herself, go to the bathroom – brushed her teeth and shower herself (usually I need to carry her into the bathroom with her eyes still shut🙄 and carry her out from the bathroom to the changing room – like a buffalo baby!) As usual, she ate breakfast and we read books. Before leaving, instead of me helping her with socks and shoes – she wore it herself too! 😱😱

Ok la, I thought I was dreaming but it is really what has happened. My eldest girl is so grown up – and besides praising her, I even asked her if she can do that every day! 🤭🤣 (this morning when I didn’t have to help her brush teeth and shower, I was thinking what shall I do 🤣 I even wanted to help her, and she says she can do by herself).

>>>> I wanna add – maybe we have been criticised on attachment parenting during her early years , but hey, our girl has grown to be a very independent one at her own pace!


Rewarded: Beads sets

Noelle actually wanted some beads last week for her loom band bracelets project. So, I took advantage of her ‘independence’ (I.e sleeping by herself in a separate room) – I told her I got her the beads sets as the reward. 😆 Kill two birds with one stone. 🤭 She’s pretty happy with the ‘arrangement’! 😂😂

The holes of some of the beads were pretty small and hence, loom bands couldn’t go through – so she ended making normal bracelet (for Nikki) and necklace (for herself). Noelle actually remembered how to cellophane tape the string before putting in the beads (which she learn from Kidzania in June) – initially, I thought what cellophane tape she was talking about.

Photos <here>

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