Our second visit to Kidzania KL

Our second time in Kidzania and also in 2019

We learn that….

>>> we should NEVER go on public holidays cum school holidays 🤭😆

We were better….

>>> in ‘strategising’ on what to do ‘first’ and hence we covered quite a lot of stuff

We (hubby and I) were definitely…..

>>> less tired compared to the first time we came (even Nikki was able to get through dinner without falling asleep….and we went to the bookstore after dinner)!


We told them….

>>> this will be THE last time we come to Kidzania in 2019 🙄🙄

….ok, unless someone ‘sponsor’ us again! 🤭🤣

(for my own memory, thanks again to Joylynn Teh for the tickets – she is a total stranger to me and I have never spoken to her before prior to this)


Just last weekend I told hubby that if we were to make a trip to Kidzania again, we would probably have to spend close to RM300! And that will mean…..the kids won’t be able to go Kidzania any sooner unless we get special rates like those in Matta Fair.

Coincidentally, I bumped into a post on Beli Nothing Project (BNP) where a lady is offering FREE tickets for 2 adults and 2 toddlers (under 4 yo) which will be expiring this weekend! 🤭 We still have to buy a kid ticket for Noelle but the FREE tickets will save us RM192!

Story cut short – I quickly made a request and super thrilled that we were offered the tickets. Coincidentally, the lady’s office is just down the road of my hubby’s office. 🤭 That made collection easy too.

While there’s no ‘rule’ in BNP that we have to give anything in return, I asked Noelle if it was ok that she make ‘Aunty’ a card (since the two toddlers buta huruf) and ‘maybe’ a bracelet! 🙄 For Kidzania, of course Noelle is willing!🤣 Hubby handed over the card and bracelet when collecting the tickets – and I guess that made her day too! 😊

And this is our BEST present from BNP – not because of its ‘price’ but the experience that the kids will enjoy and remember!


I get different answers on what Noelle and Nikki most enjoyed doing this round! 😁😁😁😁


Summary of what the kids did from 10am to 7pm in Kidzania this time round

1. Dentistry

Dentistry at #Kidzania

Something new in Kidzania. Besides learning oral care and experience on scaling, they also get free toothpaste and tooth brush (besides their wages in Kidzos).

2. Nurse at Nursery (hospital)

3. Bottling at Spritzers factory

Bottling at Spritzers factory 🏭 #Kidzania

Noelle wanted to do this last round but missed the last session. So, there they go…

They need to pay Kidzos to do this and they get their own water bottles after done.

4. Builders at construction site

5. Designing arts and craft

6. Shoppers at KZ Mart

7. Burger makers at McDonald’s

Burger makers at Burger 🍔 shop aka McDonald’s at #Kidzania

We missed the first slot and managed to get the second (in fact they can do the last slot, but Noelle said enough and wanted to do other jobs).

They paid 15 Kidzos for the job that comes with the burger. With this, they had the burgers for lunch and saved up our real ringgit for lunch.

After making the burger, Noelle told me ‘actually it is easy to make burger!’ 🙄🙄 Then I told her ‘it is EASY because you don’t have to cut the veggies, cook the patty,prepare the sauce and cut the buns!’ And she went 😮😮😮😮

8. Making and bottling milk cultured at Marigold vitagen factory

Making and bottling milk cultured at Marigold Vitagen factory #kidzania

Actually they have no idea what is vitagen 🤭 because they are not exposed to it. I told them is something like yogurt drink. We paid some Kidzos for this activity and they get a vitagen each – I allowed them to try it immediately; Nikki drank half way and said ‘don’t want’! 🙄🤣

I asked Noelle what is it made of and she told me ‘milk powder and don’t know what vitamin’ 🤔🙄😂 really?

9. Deliverymen at KZ express

10. Receptionist at Hotel Sentral

11. Collecting recyclable items at Kidzania Recycling centre

Collecting recyclable items at #Kidzania KL Recycling Centre

And also Norrah’s first and only time earning Kidzos! 😆

This is similar to courier service, which the two girls have no problem handling!

12. Firefighters

Firefighters 🔥 at #kidzania

This is the super hot activity at Kidzania! From the point of queuing to actually performing the activity, it took close to 1.5 hours. We missed the earlier spots, only managed to get in queue at 3.20pm. So, we started to become ‘kiasu’ and asked them to queue early (but also good that they did sat there for a while – Nikki nearly fell asleep; maybe she did 🤭🤣).

Norrah can actually ‘play’ this but she didn’t want to sit in the queue -so we didn’t force her. And she slept when it was both Noelle and Nikki’s turn.

As of yesterday, Nikki says she enjoys being the firefighter most! But this morning when papa asked her – she says she enjoys ALLLLL that she did at Kidzania! 🙄🤣

13. Technician at Electric Company

Technician at Electric company #Kidzania

Looked for some odd jobs to do! 😆 Give it a try at the Electric company where they were briefed on electronic components and then brought out to fix a street light. Noelle was chosen to hold the tool bag while Nikki the flashing light. At the street, Noelle helped pull the cable. Another ‘technician’ was selected to climb up the ladder to replace the ‘bulb’ but he was having a hard time finding the ‘door’ to the bulb🤣. Noelle did a great job by ‘shouting’ to give instruction on where the ‘door’ was located. That took more time than expected and we thought we could have missed the second last slot for the dancing performance. 😓

>>> who says girls can’t be technicians? 😂

14. Dancers at Clock Tower

15. Customer and worker at Kurlz Beauty Salon

16. Free play at ABZ Elementary School (Norrah)

17. Pump attendants at BHP Petrol station

18. AirAsia flight stimulator

AirAsia Flight Simulator at #Kidzania

Before we went to Kidzania, Noelle told me that she won’t be trying the aeroplane thingy! But then there were still slots at 510pm (the last one). I asked if she wants to try and she agreed. So they went; couldn’t see much from outside.

And guess what? Yesterday after we went off, she told me that being the pilot was the best! 😂🤣

I told her I have never seen how the airplane’s navigation look like. And so this morning she drew for me how it actually looks like in there. One of her wonderful experiences in Kidzania this time – she says she ‘pulled’ the steering thingy (which she had a chance to do, but not mei mei).

With this, the girls have completed all the HITS that require them to queue for slots. They did the policeman the previous round!

19. Cashiers at KZ Mart

Shoppers and workers (aka cashier) at KZ mart #kidzania

All three of them favourite activity. Noelle and Nikki already told me that they will do this again. This is also Norrah’s first activity (shopper) and she repeated doing this! 🤣 I had to assist her. The other two sisters alternate being shoppers and cashiers – at separate timing.

20. Opening account and banking in Kidzos at Central Bank of Kidzania

They have covered double of what they did previous round (Hari Raya school holiday 🤭🙄). And there are still some they haven’t tried or maybe not eligible.

This time round when we left, not much ‘sobering’ – they (actually is Noelle) know that it is time to go and probably satisfied with the many things they did!

Ok bye Kidzania for 2019! 😆

Photos: <here>

Short clips for the visit <here>

Our first time in Kidzania <old post>

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