P1 friendship

Noelle: Mum, C says this is for YOU!

Me: 😮😮😮Me? 🤭🤭🤭

Noelle: Yes

Me: She drew at home or in school?

Noelle: in school. She says that is me and you.

Me: 😮😮 ooo…then let her know I say ‘thank you’ k?

Noelle: 😊😊ok

Then we talked about the details in the drawing like the hills, sun, fence and flowers) and how Noelle can actually learn from C. But at the same time, (not to let Noelle down) I praised that Noelle’s human figurine looks better (in particular the eyes).

Picture <here>

😂😂😂 first time receiving a drawing which is drawn by someone other than my own daughter

– –

Noelle and C have developed a ‘good’ friendship to the extent Noelle telling us ‘C wants to come for sleepover!’ 🙄🙄 Not one time she mentioned, but twice and different time interval (after all the off days they didn’t meet one another). We didn’t brush her off – didn’t reject nor accept – but asked her to think/plan – where is her friend going to sleep? Whether her friends’ parents aware? What if C cries at night – what do we do? The key is ‘to think/plan’ (because I know it is UNLIKELY to happen 🤭😆). I even asked why not she go over C’s house for sleepover instead – she herself says she doesn’t want! 🙄🙄 Sleepover isn’t possible for now, but I don’t mind if her friend come over to play (but I didn’t tell her the option – let her figure out herself) 🤣

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