7th lucky draw win: Unicorn cake by Unicorn25

Thanks Unicorn25 for putting cheer on my girls’ faces!

>> They are crazy over unicorns 🦄!

From the point I told them that I won a unicorn cake (during our vacation) to coming to this cafe, they were so excited! We chose the strawberry flavour cake as per my winning comment because my girls love pink! From the cake to the cream, the sweetness is perfect to our liking.

This brings me to my 7th lucky draw win (my 6th win is HeroMarket points, which I am still waiting for my credited points)! And I am even happier that few of my friends that joined after me got the unicorn cake too!

>> We love the ambience here and had our brunch here today! 😁😁

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kYc1HCdx8SuzHvTx7

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