Achieving short term goal

Achieving her short term savings goal

This school holiday, instead of saving the money in the bank, we allowed Noelle to buy something which she really want! And it is roller skates! Initially, she aimed for the inline skate which cost RM79. She managed to save in ringgit notes a total of RM81 (she has many more coins which she didn’t calculate). But at the end, she chose the roller skate which cost RM69 (and it can be turned into inline skate if she mastered this).

With this, we hope she learns

– delay gratification (instead of getting anything she wants at any point of time)

– setting short term goals

– appreciate what she gets from her own savings


Our first visit to Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery

We thought the visit could probably last half an hour there (from our experience for Museum Negara). But we ended up about two hours there. It has three levels and the guard recommended that we take the lift up to level 3; and walk down slowly. Started with Art gallery and then the currency gallery. We were pretty impressed with the displays and the interactive systems they have there.

Parking is free on the weekend (now) and we did not have to pay any entrance fee. No bag is allowed in. We had pretty much freedom to explore the museum.

>> It is located about 3km from Bank Negara Malaysia.


Video: What’s inside? <here>

End of first half of Term 2 P1

School is out! We have completed the first half of the second term! In this term –

Noelle is a happier self, mainly because she ‘made’ a best friend who also treats her as best friend. 🥰

There is no money bullying! Only once did the friend asked her for money and also once when Noelle brought a new purse that the friend wanted to ‘see’ what’s inside – both incidents, Noelle was able to stand on her own grounds by saying ‘no’! It was either being kind hearted or forgetful that Noelle did not report these incidences to the class teacher. 🙄

We stopped going for Zumba all together. She lost her momentum for it and I started doing it on a daily basis at home. 😛

Noelle had her first jab in school. And it was the first time she greeted me with a crying face when I picked her from school. Thinking of it, make my heart sink again. 😞

Missing colour pencils and erasers are still happening. 😒 She knows that they are missing and hence stop counting how many left in her pencil box (in front of me). During our wait for report card, I actually noticed how Noelle likes to scatter her pencils on the table – I think it is her habit of having bunch of pencils around and then choose amongst them (being ‘artist’, I guess). And her friends – no matter how far they sit (mostly boys🤭), come around to ‘borrow’. I don’t think she even know who took and who return (I did see some of them came back to return ). I had to remind her to only borrow to those friends in her group (meaning sitting around her). I even asked her ‘your friends’ parents never buy them stationeries meh?😒’ And she is able to empathise that her friends REALLY don’t have! This week, I was at the verge 🤭 I tied her eraser to her pencil box! 🙄🙄

Besides report card day, we also attended her school carnival this term. Noelle and sisters with her playmate had great fun at the carnival while I get the experience of selling rice.

Noelle maintains her self discipline in saving money. She resisted many buying opportunities. I am glad that she adheres to my advice.

Noelle still borrows book from the school library. But two weeks ago, when she returned the book – instead of giving to the librarian, she placed it into the library book shelf. The teacher was lenient enough that she told Noelle to look into the book shelves and return the book onto the counter (to be recorded into the library system) before she can borrow again. However, after several attempt with C’s help, she failed. Yesterday she actually told me that she gave up and doesn’t want to go to the library anymore. I gave her a good ‘talk’ – I told her it is not a matter of whether she wants to go to the library or not; it is about responsibility. Even if she doesn’t find it, she needs to find out if there’s a fine to it. In other words, she needs to tell the librarian/ teacher that she cannot find the book and what she can do about it. I actually reminded her this morning. I expected her to still search for the book – but she told me that she bravely told Teacher A – she couldn’t find the book. In return, Teacher A told her it is ‘ok’ and she can borrow book as usual. I am actually kind of proud that she braves herself to tell the teacher – in fact, I praised her for bravely telling the truth. But she told me ‘not scary also!’🙄🙄

Yeah, guess that’s about it, in this first half of second term. Can’t believe how time flies and she will soon go to Primary 2 – no longer the super junior in school!

Upgraded DIY cash register

Upgraded our DIY cash register playset

Made this like a year ago; they occasionally still plays with it. It was a solid box; hence pretty sturdy and we well kept it when it was placed aside. So, today ‘upgraded’ it – added better features namely

– the mini white board with duster and pen holder at the side for them to write the prices,

– swipe card (at the right corner),

– the number keyboard (transferred from the first diy cash register),

– barcode scanner,

– some barcodes,

– post-it stickers (as receipts) and

– more play ringgit notes (some of the notes missing as they placed at their other playsets/purse😒)

Hope my little cashiers will be amused by it and ‘leave me alone’ for a longer time! 🤭🤣

Anyway, most of the upgraded features are more for Noelle – her ambition now is to be cashier 😆