Ant bite rashes

Just sharing my experience –

‘It is just an ant bite. It is ok!’ – we often say that (very much me!)

But this time – it is ‘no joke’ and I feel so guilty. Nikki got stung by an ant (most likely fire ant) last Wednesday. I noticed that she started scratching her tummy right after that (in the playground). She scratched more after returning home. The itch then turns pain (according to her). First, I applied zambuk and later her previous diaper rash cream. Then I remembered neem leaves – so desperately grabbed a bunch, blended it with tapioca starch and turmeric powder. It did affected her sleep – especially at night.

On the second night (meaning next day), she had trouble sleeping – either itch or pain or both. But she has been good enough to stay silent and not cranky. I told her not to scratch and I tapped her body to ease her.

The next morning we brought her to the clinic (just to ensure she is ok and doesn’t need any medication). I chose to go to a GP than our normal paed – as I was sure our paed will prescribe their ‘magic’ cream, which I am not comfortable using. BUT, I got ‘shot’ by the GP when I told him I didn’t want any steroid cream. ‘Do you know that our body also produce steroid? Don’t simply believe what you read from google!’ And he gave me a nasty face for that! I didn’t argue!

<But hey dr, aren’t you suppose to give an unbiased recommendations and leave it to patients to decide ? Sorry, you may be a professional and I may just be a ‘housewife’ – I don’t just believe in ONE hearsay, ONE google search – I have seen many cases since Noelle’s day of eczema (and she is still suffering) for using a ‘steroid’ based rash cream. I read more than google. Yes, our body produce steroid but Nikki’s case is NOT serious till she requires steroid cream – it is a temporary situation that need time to heal. Why do we want it to heal that FAST (short term) and worry about the possible long term effect (reliance on ‘processed steroid’? Why do we want to affect her skin eco-system with ‘processed’ steroid rather than ‘natural steroid’ from her body? I am not totally against steroid – as in certain cases, we definitely need it. In fact, to deliver the girls, I had ‘steroid‘ in some way! 😒> sorry, medical practitioner friends who don’t like my comments here; mummies indeed do better FBI 🙄

Anyway, at the end, he gave some anti-histamine (syrup) and calamine lotion.

After the doctor check up, Nikki never really scratch her rash anymore. I bathed her and asked her to soak with neem leaves water (on a daily basis till today). She only requested to apply some calamine lotion (saja la she). Hubby did try to feed her the anti-histamine syrup that night (third day night) so that she can sleep soundly- but she actually spitted it out!

Despite no anti histamine syrup, from that night, she didn’t scratch and able to sleep through the night. (So it seems the hardest night was the 2nd night!) She is definitely on her route to skin recovery! 🙏🏻 And I have been applying Cetaphil lotion on her now to smoothen her rough skin.


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