Sangkayaa courtesy of Boat Noodle

My second lucky draw win which was announced three to four weeks back. Only redeemed today because initially I had problem with its apps and then we didn’t really frequent shopping malls where Boat Noodle outlets are located (and it is expiring in 2 days 🤭).

I had problem with the apps; only decided to ‘tell’ them the problem after three days (my problem of procrastination – too busy 🤭). Boat Noodle’s IT team helped me with the issue (they even called me personally and when I requested to communicate with me via messenger, they did. Kudos to the team!). I, then successfully log into the apps. They gave me the e-voucher which has to be utilised in 14 days. I like this winning – in the sense, it reduces the carbon footprint and saves the waiting time.

My kids are the ones happy and excited for my win. I just have to show my e-voucher to the staff before ordering to confirm the usage of it. They asked me to show the cashier once we are done with our dining. The Sangkayaa came in piping hot (after our noodles were served)! My girls love the soft buns more than the kaya – as they don’t really have a sweet tooth. They also enjoyed the non-spicy noodles (two bowls each), which they ate ‘faster’ than my homecook dinner tonight. 🙄😒

Thank you Boat Noodle again for the Sangkayaa voucher. We will definitely come back for it again.

>> no review for my third winning which is two movie preview tickets for Dora and the lost city of gold from The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, as I passed the tickets to another mummy.


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