Loom band craze

Rainbow loom band bracelets taught Noelle so much patience, perseverance, discipline and handling stress

Her choice is ‘waterfall loom band’. She made it couple of times but eventually kept failing. The points of failing made her cry many times. I always tell her that she is almost one step closer to the success. So she never gave up.

Yesterday was worse when Nikki topple over her container with loom bands, where it ended up a mess over the floor. She cried even harder. Also, she got ‘scolded’ by me because she wanted me to help her with the hook at my very busy moments (1) cooking and (2) nursing Norrah. It ended up fail again when nursing Norrah because Norrah was moving all around. Noelle got a ‘good’ lecture from me. I told her if she always fail, there could be something that went wrong somewhere. For that, wouldn’t it be good to have a look at the video again?

So this morning she woke up; before even brushing her teeth, she asked papa to show her the video again. She finally succeeded – twice; another one after she took her shower.

Perseverance is key to success!

I did asked her what went wrong but she said ‘the rubber band problem.’

Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/E7tvcMSCdM3xjprL8

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