Fantasy play and dinosaur park, Lake Garden KL

A happy find

Last year we came to Lake Garden, KL – but we actually went to the playground located next to the car park. Actually that playground did not match the photos I see on google – and it went with the thinking ‘photo angling can tell a million lies’.

Today we drop by at Lake Garden since it has been more than a year we were there. (We actually wanted to come last Sunday but it started raining just before we set out)

Upon arriving at the parking, we were devastated to find the playground that we went -has closed down for construction. Someone (guess who?🙄🤣) nearly choked with tears. Then I looked further into the park – saw some colourful structures 🤭🤭 ‘I think inside there got playground!’

From 🥺🥺🥺>>> become 😆😆😆

Yes, this is the dinosaur playground that is mentioned on google! It is really huge – one of, if not, THE largest outdoor playground that we have been to! Too big that they become indecisive on which to play! In fact, there’s a lake down there where we can feed fishes and tortoises (too bad we didn’t bring the fish food). Guess we will make a comeback soon!


Video <here>

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