1001 Arabian Nights Buffet

It has been a while since we, as a family, had buffet (minus those morning buffets during holidays 🙄😂).

Thank you One World Hotel Petaling Jaya for having us today. In the first time in my life, I won a lucky draw. 😆😆I never had luck for lucky draws. It was a real surprised to find a member of the group Share Your Malaysia Bargains, Contests and Recommendations (Audrey Chan) for tagging me as a winner. I didn’t expect it and in fact forgotten about joining it.

I am not very active in joining contests but selectively do – usually at wee hours when I get my insomnia🤭😂 or my free time. I am usually motivated to join, seeing the wins by one of my FB friends – Ng Sook Mei. 😂 (seriously, i have never seen a person win so many lucky draws as her!) I also selectively join because I dislike tagging people – since I dislike to be tagged too. Usually I would join contests that require me to tag a ‘friend’ only – whom I can safely tag my hubby. I also only join those with gifts I feel like winning (I have time cost; preloving or BNP-ing not in my mind🙄😆).

And this is also the FIRST time since I turned a stay-a-home-mum (5.5 years ago) – I gave NOT only my hubby but also my whole family of 5 a REAL treat! (In our communication email, I was told that I only have to pay for our kid of 6 years old and above. It was another pleasant surprise that we weren’t charge at all! 😁😁😁)

I told Noelle about my lucky draw win last week. I told her that we would be going to a special place to eat (we don’t usually spend on luxury dining). She was real excited about it – and counting down the days. Each day of this week when I picked her from school, she will tell me how many days left to have this special dinner. 😂 She was also excited because she just understood what is ‘lucky draw’ – she was imagining herself ‘winning’ lucky draws from buying vouchers for her school carnival weeks ago (which did not materialise). So my coincident win- cheer her up a lot!

The buffet: Very good food served! But it was more like an international buffet than an Arabian one! We ate more seafood than others! 🤭😆 The kids had a jolly time choosing and eating (but they choose their usual kind of food🙄😆) – and the elder ones were ‘allowed’ chocolate fondue for the first time! They were better behaved than expected (the lowest rated was the baby🙄; followed by the number 2). We constantly remind them to behave in the restaurant or else we would be kicked off. And thankfully no guest complained about us! 😜

Thanks again to One World Hotel and its staff for the dinner arrangement. Initially I thought we can dine only on weekdays. But I verified with the staff that it is valid on weekends too (but I got to enjoy it within July). In addition, I am grateful that I would not have to make an extra trip to One World Hotel to collect the voucher. Instead, its staff has arranged it to be sent to the coffee house.

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NRbpt3K8oTdFtQSA7

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