Lesson on friendship

Actually, I am pretty ‘bad’ at friendship! 🙄🙄 but my advice to Noelle has always been ‘be a friend, when you want a friend’!

As far as I am concerned, she has been a ‘good’ friend (even to the extent of being ‘bullied’🙄).

Well, even though I don’t really like W for what she does to Noelle, I have not stopped her from befriending W (though I secretly wish she would😝). I kept reminding myself how ‘hurtful’ it is that a mum calls a friend names (I am bad ok? Sometimes I forgotten and my hubby reminds me not to.) So, I have not interfered her friendship with W. In fact, yesterday during the school carnival, unexpectedly I spoke to W’s mum – not about our kids -but just regarding our class sales. Both hubby and Quinnie were surprised too that I spoken to W’s mum. (Actually that was my first time talking to her as hubby has been liaising with her so far. We did bump into each other during sports day and once when I picked Noelle but I haven’t communicated with her!)

There was one day she came home telling me that she and C supposed to make card for each other. Noelle took it seriously and made one, handed to C but C actually forgotten about it (it reminded me of some childhood trip when someone promised to wake up early to do something but it ended up I woke up alone myself – and the person that made that promise just slept through🙄 – I was so naive those days). Also, someday when we made bookmark origami at home, Noelle made for her friends too including W. Noelle also often tell me how she misses sitting with A (since her teacher moved her to the back of the class) – because her new group consists mostly boys and they create a lot of noise.🙄

I do tell Noelle that ‘it is okay to be alone. Cos sometimes being alone allows us the free mind to do something’. So at times, she goes to the library herself.

Last week, C has been missing from school. First day and second day – she told me probably C is sick. After third day – ‘maybe C went holiday already!’ 🙄🙄

Yesterday C was at the school carnival. Upon bumping into C and her mum, I asked C’s mum if C is ok as Noelle was telling me that C didn’t come to school for few days. I even told her mum that Noelle was guessing if they went holiday. C’s mum said that C was having bad flu and fever over the last few days. She even told Noelle directly that C will be back on Monday and they didn’t go holiday. (Very nice of C’s mum)

Noelle straight way asked ‘C, do you want to play bouncy castle?’ in front of C’s mum without fear. I was pretty surprised (and proud) that Noelle did that – because in the past, if she wanted, she would ask me to ask on behalf. C’s mum being polite told Noelle that she can go ahead first and C will join later.

But at the end C didn’t join us. We actually forgotten about it (even Noelle😆).

Upon arriving home, I actually received a message:

“Hello Noelle’s mummy, this is C’s mom. Please do tell Noelle, C couldn’t join her at the bouncy castle because she wasn’t feeling well and we had to leave shortly. She wanted but she couldn’t. C felt bad as she couldn’t play. Tq ya.”


It was a pretty thoughtful message.

Noelle did bring me friendships in the past. I don’t know about the future and I don’t dare to think about it actually! 😆 Even THAT kns once told me before that it is actually ‘hard’ to be friends with our kids’ classmates’ parents – which I think it is true.

But I just wish Noelle can find her true friends (during her school days which she bring it to adulthood). 🥰🥰 In the past, I have been deciding for her – through play dates (mostly boys 😆 In the year, her close friends are mostly girls.)

– –

It was Noelle’s school carnival aka canteen day in her primary school. She invited her childhood friend EZ to the event. They had fun and I had some experience packing nasi kerabu and nasi dagang.

My first packet of nasi kerabu for one parent – full of condiments, which include nasi dagang’s condiments 🤭🤣 because I didn’t know what’s the difference. I wasn’t properly trained because the parent-in-charge said ‘it was ok’ when I asked her if she needs to teach me ‘how to’ 🙄 but then she was talking when someone ordered.

I just stand there like ‘bodoh’ 🙄🙄 most of the time. Only helped put in coupons into the box, pack into plastic bag, helped hold the rice as the lady put on the condiments and scoop rice.

Happy that one person just walked over and said he wanted to buy our popiah! 🤣 – like my first business.

I didn’t do much ‘sales and promotion’ at the stall – not my cup of tea 🤭🙄😆 only asked Quinnie (who came with EZ) if she wanted to buy 🥺🥺 🤣🤣 ‘thank you for buying one nasi dagang and nasi kerabu each!’ 😂😂😂 – so my second official business! 🤭 and the third official business, use my own pocket money buy for myself 😆

Pictures from school carnival: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DgjjTPqa9HrfVcFM8

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