Our first visit to G2G Animal Garden

It is kinda nearby to Farm in the City, price is almost half priced. Less well known (not crowded at all, fewer than 10 families there today when we were there), smaller farm/garden, fewer range of animals. But they have cats, which Farm in the City doesn’t have – I think. And the girls especially Norrah like cats. Overall, well maintained, animals are already well fed and friendly staff. Food for the animals are sold cheaply too- RM1 for a cup.

Norrah enjoys the visit the most! Nikki is the most timid (wanted papa to carry🙄) but eventually warmed up to the cats and birds. Noelle seems to enjoy until she got bitten by ants! 🙄🙄 (you know ants bite is like ‘injection’🤭🤣 and I have been describing how injection feels like few days back before she got her jab in school🙄🙄)

Video <here>

Photos <here>

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