Goodbye third baby tooth

Third tooth 🦷 came out today

She came out excitedly to show me her third tooth has fallen out. She was explaining that it happened during the last subject of the day. She was ‘rocking’ the tooth until it came out by its own- fell off onto her chair. Only Abram (the boy beside her knew it, so mama is the second to know). She even asked permission from teacher to gargle her mouth in toilet.

She told me to keep her tooth for her in my purse while she ate her lunch in car. As soon as we arrived home, she asked me for the tooth. She excitedly wanted to wash it before keeping it. She went into the toilet to wash it but came out crying 😭 ‘my tooth fell into the wash basin’. How tragic. I looked at the basin! 😣😣 I didn’t know what to do first but to give her a hug – telling her that ‘it is ok’ and that’s when all her tears came rolling down. 💔 💔 💔

Quick thinking, I look into the basin hole again. 🤔 Then pull out the ceramic thingy that is covering the sink drain. Tried to unscrew the sink cover. And dig dig dig 🤮 – a lot of hairline and ‘don’t know the hubby’s daily phlegm there onot 🤢’ (only he spit his phlegm there ok? 😒)- alas! I managed to find it. Then I put the little tooth into the cup with water and handed it to Noelle! Phew! Super hero in less than 5 minute! 😆😆😆

Seriously, luckily found it – I was also damn sad when she lost it at first, coupled with her crying! The moment was devastating- losing something that followed you in all these years in split of second! And when I found it, the relief was ‘speechless’ – 🤭🤣

– –

Her third tooth that came out isn’t the top tooth (like most kids) but the bottom tooth – which is beside the second tooth that came out a month ago. Actually the third tooth started to hurt right after the second one came out and then rocked for a month and more – because the growing second tooth is unaligned and I think it was pushing the third baby tooth. I wanted to bring her to dentist but she refused. So I made her promise that she will not ‘blame’ me if she has ugly set of teeth in the future🙄🙄 – while I was hoping that ‘let the tooth nature takes pace on its own’.

Ok, now hopefully the tooth will align nicely…


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