A little prize for correct spelling

Went to school rather moody*🙄 but came home super duper good mood! 🤣


She was chosen during story telling in the morning (before school starts) to answer a question (actually just to spell out ‘lizard’) and she got it right. She was awarded this cup. She was excited because she felt ‘lucky’ and she was the last to be chosen out of 10. She said she got the spelling right because she did the spelling previously in her English class.

I am happy that

– she is able to adjust her mood accordingly

– she braves herself to put her hands up to be called onto the stage and answering questions (she actually tried many times but not chosen previously)

– she does remember what she learns in school (because I never really revise her school work with her – we just do our own reading and activities at home; sometimes I am still unconvinced [by myself] if we are putting her in the right direction – as at times we find her to be ‘deteriorating’ in some ways🤭 compared to last year🙄🙄)

* she is a child with feelings just like adults and has every right to feel how she feels

Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AkvEZ3qNqBRXYbuHA

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