Self care

To people who I don’t reply to or schedule my time for or I had very bad temper with,

My time doesn’t start at 8am but 5am; I don’t have a 9-5 job but it is 24/7 (even when I am sleeping, my boobies are working).

I may been seen very ‘free’ on fb each day – but hey ya, it is just because I couldn’t do anything but ‘hold the phone’ – and during those moments, I just need moments of peace.

I learn it over a year or two; I really need self-care because no one really care even if I die of exhaustion (seriously not even my daughters – while I am still busy trying to complete my tasks, they will be right beside me ‘mum, I want this and that,’; at the same time the father is ‘self-caring’ in the toilet🙄 – does anyone understand this point of ‘anger’?) Every dad gets a ‘good job’ but every mum – seems to ‘deserve what she does’. 🙄

I don’t live people’s lives. I don’t meet people just to satisfy their wants/needs. I may be the weirdest person, most bitchy – BUT let me be ME when I have time for myself. Judge all the way you want to – My life, my choice. At least, I don’t fake it…

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