Fun at Funtopia Courtyard

I think the last we came was two years ago before Norrah. And that time, Noelle was still too short/light weighted for the other end challenge. Then she started developing some sort of ‘fear’ for height until she overcame it during her sessions in Milky Way Space. She told me that she wanted to challenge this in this school holiday -and has been bugging us since day 1 of her off days! 🙄 So today we came here for it. They started with playing the unlimited playground (because Noelle didn’t wear her sports shoe – so papa drove home to take 🙄). Norrah initially reluctant to get into the playground until she spotted Noelle and Nikki having fun.

Video <here>

Noelle’s first time for this challenge – she overcame few fears – though she seem like want to give up; but the staff was ‘encouraging’. Giant slide is a top up – she actually wanted this more than the other challenges.

After the session, I asked if she wanted to come back again; but she was (still) thinking about it!😆So, wait till she bug us again….😂

Video <here>

Hubby & I

Today hubby and I feel ‘10 years younger’ when we took up the challenge of getting on the giant slide after our eldest girl (6+yo) did it. 🤣🤣🤣

I used to enjoy roller coaster rides before having kids; I even went for bungee jump when I was 18yo! BUT I got to admit that when I arrived at the top of the slide today I was telling myself ‘what the…am I doing? 😖😆’ and panicking, of course. Guess age is really catching up…

As we were watching our kid from below – we told her to ‘hold tight’ – only to realise, holding tight is really THAT hard as we go against the gravity. 🤭🤣 remind myself that ‘it is always easier said than done!’, ‘be in their shoes when giving advice’…etc

Well, at least we tried it ‘once’ with our kid. A happy day for me! (And this is one of the exciting things we did during this school holiday!) Not sure if we are able to do it when our youngest reaches the age/height/weight for this! 🙄🤣 (bone cracking soon…)

Have you done something that give you adrenaline rush after turning a parent (besides the normal anxiety that your kids caused you🙄)?

Video <here>

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