A summary of school life from April to 24 May 2019

– she has successfully borrow books from the library on almost weekly basis or two times in a week (depending on teacher’s availability or how fast she wallops her food during recess or if the prefect allows her to go to the library)

– we attend Zumba session together on most Saturday mornings (I got hooked on it more than her🤣; her ‘spirit’ is dying 🙄)

– occasionally she is emotionally stressed by her friend(s). I have to remind her to ‘think’ and figure out if what her friend(s) says is correct – then decide whether is it worth to feel sad for it

– she receives her first gift from her Moral teacher for good behaviour

– we attended her first sports day in Primary school life. Her team won the gold medal. 🏅

– we officially lodge a report to the school office for the money bullying after the bully snatched her money away and the mother of the bully’s ‘tidak apa’ attitude.

– her teacher moves her to back seating of the class. She sits near the back board with the birthday calendar and has been telling me who’s birthday on which date (on daily basis). 🙄🤣

– on a daily basis, she has been coming out of her class the soonest; so we have been getting home as soon as possible.

– she is getting more reliable and independent in passing teachers’ message to us.

– her colour pencils started to go missing towards the end of the term and I made her be responsible of her colour pencils – by showing me the number of pencils she has on a daily basis 🙄

– – –

To our dear Noelle,

Everyday we are proud of your kindness, your effort and your heart. Our love for you isn’t based on your academic performance and/or achievement. We hope you would enjoy ‘learning’ on a daily basis in school. 😘

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