A girl with big heart

Me: Do you forgive her?

Noelle: YES!

Noelle has a really BIG heart – even myself find it difficult to forgive. Forgive ok, forget hard…..🙄🙄especially after many chances given.

Summary of what has happened:

After the class teacher spoke to Noelle, both Noelle and W were summoned by the disciplinary teacher. While Noelle was explaining, W started crying (again). 🙄Finally W admitted her wrongdoings. She was asked to apologise to Noelle by the disciplinary teacher. W was told that this will be her ‘last chance’.

^^Actually I am curious what this ‘last chance’ means – but to Noelle, she says if W does it again, the ‘last chance’ means she has to inform her class teacher immediately. 🙄

W’s mum was also informed. Last evening, they gave hubby a call and W apologised to hubby. However, W’s mum still sound like in denial (making excuses for the daughter); but whatever it is – I hope they will sort it out with her daughter.

Really hope this will end here.

Winning points from the bully case:

– Noelle has gain confidence in speaking up for herself. She’s kinda steady and unaffected by the unfortunate incident.

– Although Noelle was ‘bullied’, we were glad that she ain’t the one bullying.

– Noelle knows the consequences of taking people’s things, bullying…etc

– The case also helped us keep in mind what sort of parenting we should give to our girls (not just Noelle).

– Hopefully this ‘easily cry’ (which Noelle picks after starting p1) will reduce at home as I told her and sisters – ‘only people who do wrong will cry’ 🙄😂

We took this final step of informing the school because we have given many chances to W and the most important point – the ignorance of W’s mum for not answering us after the latest issue.

Moral of the story: don’t step on our girls’ tail. And don’t think we are fooling around just because we gave chances.

But I think when she grows up, we have a story to share with her offspring! 🤭🤣


Noelle came home telling me that she did something for Nikki and Norrah when she was free in class (after she completed her work). So that’s it (in the photo) – some ABC for Nikki and Norrah to learn. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness for her sisters. 😁😁😁

– – –

On the ‘bully’ case –

She told me that her class teacher Pn Noraini spoke to her. Pn Noraini narrated that her parents (us) went to office to ‘report’ about the bully case. So, the teacher needed Noelle to explain what happened. Noelle says that she told teacher – W took her 50 sen to buy something from the book shop. After her explanation, Pn Noraini told Noelle that if W ever ask or snatch her money again, please inform her.

I did asked whether Pn Noraini spoke to W. She says no but W cried! 🙄 Noelle was saying that W cried because W didn’t admit that she used the money to buy something from the bookshop. (But indirectly admitted that she TOOK!) It was Noelle who spoke and asked W in front of Pn Noraini.

Anyway, I praised Noelle for her bravery to speak the truth with her teacher (she has been consistent with her story, so definitely telling the truth). Then I told her – if someone is NOT wrong, s/he doesn’t need to cry (in this case, we know whose wrong!)

The case is not closed because the school administrator/ principal has not come back to us. But I am much more relief that the teacher actually took action.

– –

After I praised her for her bravery, she asked me ‘so you gonna put this message in my recess box tomorrow? 😬😬’


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