Thank you to the Good Samaritan

On a weekly basis, I do grocery shopping with two toddlers – 1+ and 3+ yo. Whenever I pack my stuff, it would be at a super fast mode – fearing that I would slow down the queue. Usually, the cashier or staff (even if they have nothing to do) will not help. I actually don’t mind they not helping – because it is not their duty.

Today, as usual we went grocery shopping. As I was packing the groceries (while I baby wear the younger one) and the elder one was in the trolley, the lady at the back of the queue was pushing my trolley towards the front. That made me panic- I fasten my packing up. 😓😓

As she pushed the trolley further in front, she started carrying my groceries bags into the trolley (until the last bag)! 🤭 I was totally in shocked but couldn’t thank her enough! At the same time, I feel embarrassed 😳 actually!

This really made my day and hope this will mark a good start to my long weekend! 😁😁😁

Happy weekend to everyone!

And Happy Wesak to those celebrating!

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