Limit screen time and electronic devices

True story.

One of the best things/ways we did with (or raised) Nikki is not giving her any electronic device. She has her screen time – but limited to tv and when Noelle’s around (back from school) – YouTube. Fortunately or sadly, at 3y3m+ she still doesn’t really know how to operate an iPad. 🙄 She only gets to ‘see’ or ‘touch a little’ when Noelle gets the iPad on selected weekends!

The result – her language proficiency, her coordination skills, her observation skills, her independence and ‘intelligence’ – are way ‘faster’ (though people may think because she is the second and middle child).

But yeah to limited screen time and electronic device.

Good article to read <here>

Nikki’s ability to use chopsticks with her left hand <video>

Nikki is a fast learner by observation. She has never used the chopsticks’ trainer before. Her desire and determination to do things (even if we say ‘no’ or ‘cannot’) actually helped her learn faster. Mostly, her liking to copy jeh jeh also makes her a ‘winner’ at her age!


Simple activity of making jam drops

Video <here>

Jam drops

Ingredients for the dough:

70g butter (I used unsalted)

3 tbsp brown sugar

(Cream the two)

One egg (add into creamed sugar and butter)

One cup flour (or more)

Mix until it form a dough.

Make small balls and press them down to have a shallow hole.

Drop in the homemade or commercial jam.

Bake for 20-30 minutes under preheated 180 degree celcius.

Monkeys disturbance at TTDI park

Our picnic day at TTDI cut short because monkeys started to surround us 😓😓

When we arrived at the picnic spot, some trees were chopped down! 😓 But we were lucky to get a green spot. Everything was well until Nikki, Norrah and hubby started eating. The monkeys which often were at the far side of the park, were coming towards us. One man was already shoo-ing them. Both hubby and Nikki closed their food boxes while Norrah was still eating. Then, one rather big and fierce monkey was approaching towards Norrah.

I was shoo-ing it (calling hubby also) and the monkey actually showed it’s anger (grinning teeth) – hubby showed his ‘manliness’ by picking up his slippers to shoo it away (😆actually he also very the scared🤣🤣); it went off. We quickly packed and go (kiasi liao).

It was so close an encounter (actually we encountered a closer one before – snatch our wet tissue away in one of the waterfalls).

Then we went to the playground again; thought of finishing up our lunch box before going off – but another monkey came again. This time really cabut lari, we ate inside the car (with doors locked!) 🙄🤣

Ok, it will take some time before we come back again. Noelle says don’t want to come liao!😆 I told her how wild life changed – monkeys were supposed to eat banana (and fruits) – why do they start coming after human’s food? Because human started feeding them human food. And that’s why there are sign boards saying ‘no feeding the monkeys’ which often people ignore.

Cheese sponge cake

My third day continuously baking this; today double up-ed the recipe. Tomorrow I won’t bake this again or else not enough eggs for the week (unless I go buy)! 🤭🤣

Adapted from Miki Mak’s recipe


80g unsalted butter

80g milk

30g grated cheese

Add in 6 egg yolks (one by one)

Add in 120g cake flour


6 egg whites

140g castor sugar

1/4 tsp cream of tar tar >

Add in meringue in three portions

I used 8 x 8 inch rectangular baking pan!

Bake under preheated oven of 160 degree celcius for 1.5-2 hours (water bath method)

Zumba morning

Last week, Noelle just stood there watching us. And when we got home, I ‘lectured’ her – “instead of sulking face, why not join in the fun? You didn’t even want to try and how do you know if you are going to like it? The reality is no one of us will stop just because you are unhappy!”

She ‘got’ the message. Today she participated and happier to see her classmate, Alicia came. She even invited Alicia to the stage to Zumba with the instructor. I asked her ‘wasn’t it fun?’ And she nodded.

We brought along Nikki who eagerly wanted to follow – but she was like Noelle’s last week 🙄🙄 stood there and watching us; plus having fun with the jeh jeh – when she followed Noelle on the stage!

I myself had a great workout too; but slightly lose focus because Nikki was around.

Something really touched me – a mum came with the baby who she put on a stroller. But the baby cried. The PIBG committee actually volunteered to help her carry her baby while she continues Zumba. 🥰

Borrowing a book from the school library

Hari ini dalam Sejarah for her – succeeded in borrowing her FIRST book from the school library 🤣 after numerous attempts to enter the library which was closed during recess time 🙄😆

– I asked ‘when’ she needs to return the book and she says tomorrow 🙄🙄 (and says if the library close tomorrow, she will return the day after). I checked if there’s a date stamped on the book, and there isn’t 🤔🤔 she brings back her library card with her like usual

– I tried finding out from her if the librarian is a student or ‘Aunty/uncle’; she says the librarian is a teacher 😆

First self care of 2019

#throwback last Saturday morning

I officially went for AN hour exercise (since Noelle, 6 years +) and it was my FIRST zumba. The session was held at Noelle’s school and organised by its PIBG to raise school funds (just RM12 per adult for the session, kids are free).

Noelle was initially excited to go; but disappointed because she didn’t see any of her friends. I didn’t bother about her – she stood there for an hour watching us. I had a great work out – though I didn’t know what I was doing! 🙄🤣

Keeping Chinese parsley or daun ketumbar fresh v2

I buy Chinese parsley or daun ketumbar in big ‘bulk’ at times (usually weekend) because I soak my eldest’s eczema feet with boiled parsley water (to reduce her itch).

But I have learnt the best way to keep them fresh all week is to cut its root off and half them, store them in a large container. (I used to wrap its root with wet towels and cover the leaves with plastic bag – it lasted only 3-4 days) This way is even more environmental friendly as I do away with plastics and tissues.

These leaves are day 6, just enough before I get to the market to get another batch! 😁😁