First sports day in primary school

Our undying support for our Noelle jeh jeh! 😁😁😁

For the matter of fact, Noelle does NOT like green; but she’s in green house! So, to motivate her spirit FOR green, everyone of us wore green! 😂😂

Sports is one of her favourite ‘subject’ – because she is an ‘active’ girl (and no need ‘study’ maaaa🙄🙄🤣🤣). There are only two girls in her green team (in her class) and she represented her team to make a repeat run. She flopped on her first round (as her leg got stuck in the bean bag) – she even told us ‘I thought we almost lose!’ But she made a comeback on the last lap!

She received her first gold in her first sports day in primary school. <video>

We couldn’t be more proud – I was the ‘crazy’ mum shouting my daughter’s name! They can’t stop laughing watching back the video I recorded because of my voice!🙄🤣 Probably some other parents were also laughing at me! 🤭🙄🤣

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