Teacher who builds good character

She was one of the FIRST who came out after school! Excitedly showed me – her Moral teacher gave her a present.

FOR? The way she described to me a,b,c….z; ok to shorten the explanation- for ‘good behaviour’! 🤣 Only she and another classmate received a present; that’s why she loves Moral studies to the extent of finishing her moral work and shorten her recess time – and lead to not finishing up her food🤭🙄🤣 (cos to be able to receive this present, they accumulate stickers. She and the other classmate who received the presents had the same amount of stickers).

This is definitely the teacher’s own initiative – I don’t think they are given a budget to do this! 😁😁😁

It is a small gift of stationeries, but a real motivator for Noelle. 😘 Good Job baby!

>> pardon the messy and tired look 😆

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