A book that captivated her heart (and my heart) – Two sisters, one sarong

Short synopsis (which is a spoiler 🤭🤣)

The first child (a girl) was born and gifted a sarung by the grandma. The sarung, which was a hammock and also used to kangaroo her by the mum, was a precious piece to this firstborn. Then came the second born (a girl) who also treated the same sarung as favourite. Both played with it and shared the sarung as their blanket. As they grow bigger, they have to go into separate rooms. They fought for the same sarung and it was eventually torn into two pieces. Each of them had half of the sarung, slept separately and never really spoken to each other again.

One year later, they were introduced to their youngest sister. While the first and second borns were ‘friends’, the closeness was never there.

Some years later, both the three sisters went picnic at the river banks. The eldest and second sisters had used half of their sarungs respectively as picnic mats. The youngest was sitting at the riverbank playing alone. Unexpectedly, the youngest fell into the river. Both the elder sisters tried helping the youngest up, but their halves sarung couldn’t reach the youngest sister. Finally they decided to join the halves sarung – which became longer – and it reached the youngest, so they manage to pull her out! From then on, three of them became close to one another (again).

>>> It is a great story for three of them BECAUSE of the similarities- THREE SISTERS (that was how the owner of Sang Kancil Online Bookstore sold to us too 🤭🤣) and how Noelle and Nikki always fight for the same scarf/blanket! Plus the ending is sweet and has a good moral.

>>> Once purchased at the booth stall, Noelle can’t wait to show and tell papa about the book. She was literally holding the book everywhere she went! The book has very good picture illustrations too! 😁😁

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