We learned many life lessons by watching our big sister!

I read ‘Children who take on adult roles may appear mature and controlled, but they feel helpless and frightened. Their competence is achieved at the cost of youthful curiosity and exploration.’ So, sometimes when I see how independent Noelle is (when away from us) and at times how ‘baby’ she turns to be (when with us) – I do wonder if she is ‘suffering’ from anxiety. Or am I thinking too much?


To Noelle:

We just can hope that you are enjoying more ‘pleasure’ than ‘pressure’ from growing up! 😘 We hope to always guide you manage your problems and deal with it, but it is not up to us that you will open up and also manage your own emotions. Lastly, we don’t want you to have self doubt and anxious expectations that others (even us) will disapprove you. Catch hold of the shadow voices telling you that you don’t measure up.

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