Limit screen time and electronic devices

True story.

One of the best things/ways we did with (or raised) Nikki is not giving her any electronic device. She has her screen time – but limited to tv and when Noelle’s around (back from school) – YouTube. Fortunately or sadly, at 3y3m+ she still doesn’t really know how to operate an iPad. 🙄 She only gets to ‘see’ or ‘touch a little’ when Noelle gets the iPad on selected weekends!

The result – her language proficiency, her coordination skills, her observation skills, her independence and ‘intelligence’ – are way ‘faster’ (though people may think because she is the second and middle child).

But yeah to limited screen time and electronic device.

Good article to read <here>

Nikki’s ability to use chopsticks with her left hand <video>

Nikki is a fast learner by observation. She has never used the chopsticks’ trainer before. Her desire and determination to do things (even if we say ‘no’ or ‘cannot’) actually helped her learn faster. Mostly, her liking to copy jeh jeh also makes her a ‘winner’ at her age!


Simple activity of making jam drops

Video <here>

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