Monkeys disturbance at TTDI park

Our picnic day at TTDI cut short because monkeys started to surround us 😓😓

When we arrived at the picnic spot, some trees were chopped down! 😓 But we were lucky to get a green spot. Everything was well until Nikki, Norrah and hubby started eating. The monkeys which often were at the far side of the park, were coming towards us. One man was already shoo-ing them. Both hubby and Nikki closed their food boxes while Norrah was still eating. Then, one rather big and fierce monkey was approaching towards Norrah.

I was shoo-ing it (calling hubby also) and the monkey actually showed it’s anger (grinning teeth) – hubby showed his ‘manliness’ by picking up his slippers to shoo it away (😆actually he also very the scared🤣🤣); it went off. We quickly packed and go (kiasi liao).

It was so close an encounter (actually we encountered a closer one before – snatch our wet tissue away in one of the waterfalls).

Then we went to the playground again; thought of finishing up our lunch box before going off – but another monkey came again. This time really cabut lari, we ate inside the car (with doors locked!) 🙄🤣

Ok, it will take some time before we come back again. Noelle says don’t want to come liao!😆 I told her how wild life changed – monkeys were supposed to eat banana (and fruits) – why do they start coming after human’s food? Because human started feeding them human food. And that’s why there are sign boards saying ‘no feeding the monkeys’ which often people ignore.

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