Day 9 and final day of Term 1 School Break 2019: Bowling 🎳 game

We decided to go with bowling game on the last day of this term holiday. They were pretty excited about it – jumping into the bowling arena. Then, a little disappointed when there was a tournament going on (full house) and we were asked to come back at 1230pm. So we went for lunch and window shop first. Noelle asked ‘how long more?’ every 5 minutes! 🙄🙄

At last the time came! We had the kids’ lane where the sides were ‘protected’ (less likely to score ‘longkang’😂) Everyone had FUN! Nikki has less energy and thus her bowling balls moved so so slow – that dragged our time there🤭😂 Noelle wasn’t satisfied with just two matches – but we told her we can come other time (she was pondering if we can come only during school holidays, but we told her we can come during weekends – only if they behave well).

>> Our last bowling game was in 2013 (on my birthday🤭😂 in Genting) when Noelle was 7mo+😆 I don’t think she has any memory of it

>> we took the Ampang Superbowl weekend package of RM17.50 per two games (for three persons) which also comes with one soft drink

Memories from our bowling session <here>

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