Day 7 of Term 1 School Break 2019: From Slime time to Hot Wheels @ Sunway Pyramid

Unexpectedly, they had more fun at Hot Wheels playground compared to Slime Time. And the fact is Slime Time has been ‘over’ advertised. They didn’t get to touch any slime except for the tiny drops from the slime shooting game. Noelle’s review ‘slime time is like nothing!😒’ 😂😂😂

We spent most of our time at the Hot Wheels playground. From experience, we brought along our own Hot Wheels models – so we had unlimited play time with the various tracks! They had the playground there too. Norrah wanted to get down – which I didn’t allow because she would be running around – so she was wailing! 😓

Great that we chose Friday to drop by at Sunway Pyramid, I think this place will be packed with people over the weekend! Parking at B1 was already full at 10.10am today ! 🙄🙄

Video <here>


General colouring

Playing badminton

Playing piano

Video of singing and playing piano at the same time <here>

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