Day 6 of Term 1 School Break 2019: Celebrate papa’s birthday

. . .

Starting the savings habit 😁😁

And that was our purpose of giving her allowances despite her bringing recess box to school.

Feeling the joy of seeing money accumulating! 🥰

Today also marks our 8th ROM anniversary, the day we signed on the dotted line. But the best thing having our ROM on hubby’s birthday – 1. He will always remember our ROM date 🙄; 2. I don’t have to plan for his birthday 🤭😂; 3. It is a feast day on every 28.3 😝 ok, tomorrow ‘on diet’!

Dinosaur alive at Paradigm Mall 🤣🤣

Finally got to ‘experience’ the dino ride since we spent more than RM100 (spending above RM50 gives one free ride). Other activities are free.

Video <here>

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