Day 5 of Term 1 School Break 2019: Bake papa a birthday cake

We spend ‘whole’ day doing this.

First thing we did right after they woke up and had breakfast – bake a butter cake. Noelle chose a butter cake because she says that Norrah can eat it then!

Then we went out to the bakery supplies shop to get deco (actually nothing in mind on how to deco 🤭😆 – though I did gave them a rough idea and Nikki gave out the hint to papa yesterday 😒). They were satisfied with getting ’Happy Birthday’ candles.

After lunch, we spent close to two hours decorating it with non dairy frosting. They chose blue and red – but using butterfly pea flower, it came out so light blue (I didn’t want to use food colouring – because it really stains the tongue), and we used rose sirap for red but turned out pinkish (Noelle made a conclusion that because the creamer was ‘white’, so added ‘red’ it became pink 🤭😂). Noelle suggested that we topped with blueberries- since ‘blue’ theme. Then I told them I will ‘write’ with the pink/red frosting. They suggested to draw hearts on top and zig zags on the side.

Video of making frosting <here>

They were really happy with the outcome and Noelle kept mentioning to me ‘THIS is our hard work!’ 😂😂😂 They waited and waited for papa to come back – and today coincidentally later a little bit (they even thought papa was back when it was me getting out of our unit to throw rubbish – climbing the front grill with excitement but to their disappointment; Nikki kena marah from me some more because naked on the grill (she was wearing her pyjamas half way🤦🏻‍♀️😂)

Pretty well spent time today with the girls doing something for papa 😚😚😚 though it isn’t the most perfect cake!

Happy birthday to our Super Papa!

+1 day in advance, because the girls felt so ‘suffocated’ keeping a secret

Wishing you ‘Filthy Rich – rich in adventure, in health, in knowledge, in laughter, in family and in love 😍’ 😚😚😚

Video of birthday song <here>

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