Day 3 of Term 1 school break 2019: One Utama wading pool

Day 3 of Term 1 school break: Outdoor IN indoor 🤣 since papa is not around

Something that they have been anticipating – playing at the wading pool in 1U. We never returned to 1U since our last visit to this wading pool (cos they will ask for it if we step into 1U) and also meaning our first visit in 2019! We spent close to 45 minutes in the wading pool. Video <here>

Then we went to their indoor playground, just a floor above (cannot escape, since they can see it from the wading pool🙄).

After playing and thus hungry, we went to AEON bakery and food court; chose our preference respectively and ate there (luckily we went before the office lunch time – it became so pack when we left our table).

Finally we dropped by at the supermarket before making our way home.

>> I am definitely more efficient this time around 😂😂 packing and segregating what we need accordingly – so no surprises while looking for things (I don’t have to dig here and there for stuff). I also brought along food container for them to pick their sushi – less likely for them to drop any sushi while at the same time – environmental friendly (that’s what I told them 🤭😂). We only bring one big flask of ice water – no need bring respective water bottles and unlikely for them to ask me buy cold water (we finished every drop of the water and ice – we were ‘chewing’ ice on our way back 🤣). And only one recyclable bag to put in our buys – limit our buys – that’s what i can carry with the three of them around!

All in all – everyone enjoyed this morning! 😂

. . .

Harvested our enzyme

Participating in colouring contest

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