Milestone: Goodbye to her first baby tooth 🦷 6y2m18d

>> officially ‘Toothless’ the dragon 😂😂

On last Monday (11 March 2019) morning while eating breakfast, Noelle rushed to the toilet and looked at the mirror. I asked her why and she told me her tooth hurts!🙄🙄 I quickly check to see if her tooth was wobbly or any new teeth growing from the back (cos I saw few kids had that)! Nothing obvious. Papa mentioned that if it continues to hurt, we will bring her to the dentist! She instantly shook her head, indicating ‘don’t want’! I then gave her cold water to drink (sort of to numb of the pain). She went to school after that.

<in the mean time, Gan cheong mama SOS Rachel Ong 😂 because the week before Heidi lost her first tooth. I tried understanding how the process is like – since I can’t remember mine ~ so generally, it hurts first and then turn wobbly before it falls out by itself😮>

Right after I picked her up from school, Noelle told me her tooth is already wobbly. Instead of fear, she was telling me in an excited way! 🙄🤣 She told me that she discovered that her tooth was wobbly in the class when her tongue pushed the tooth! 😆 And it was painful to eat her pear – so she just ate one pear; eating the cake and egg was fine. I continued to remind her (the book that we read) that it is because the BIG tooth is coming out and thus it is pushing out the baby tooth out! And soon the wobbly tooth will come out – she can then feel a space with her tongue.

The reason that she was calmer than in the morning is because two of her friends also have wobbly tooth! 😂 ok la, got teman!

I told her to bite food from the other side of the mouth if she feels hurt. <In fact, I actually told her to eat harder fruits like apple and pear to fasten the process! 🤭😂 But she didn’t get what I mean>

Then she started questioning me ‘mama, I ate healthy food also my teeth will drop off!’ 🤔🤔 I reminded her – because these are her baby teeth and a new set of teeth will grow. If she doesn’t eat healthily and not clean her mouth thoroughly on a daily basis, the teeth will decay way faster before the BIG teeth grow. So, she might have to go toothless for a longer period compared to if the teeth were well taken care of – and only falls out when it is time.

On that evening, we read the book ‘my tooth is about to fall!’ again. She has accepted the fact that her tooth will be falling off after all.

So, one week passed – she was rather unbothered by her wobbly tooth.

When we picked her up just now, the first thing she showed and told me was – her tooth came out! 😂 Actually when she was running over with her smiling face – I could see a little gap in between. 🤭🤣 She was ‘cool’ about it – and she told me it was so wobbly that she decided to pull it out. It happened after recess and she didn’t even tell her friend or teacher about it. 😆😆

I kept the tooth for her while she ate her lunch. On her first bite and chew, she said ‘the rice can go through my hole!’ 🤣🤣

I returned her tooth when we came home and she washed it – kept it in a box with compartments, which I gave her few weeks back. Ya, no tooth fairy tonight…just like no Santa Claus 😁😁

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